Keyway Milling

Keyway Milling

Have you ever pondered the intricate techniques employed by manufacturers to achieve the perfect fit between a shaft and a gear or pulley? The answer lies in a fascinating process called Keyway Milling.

Keyway Milling is a specialized machining procedure used to carve out a slot, known as a keyway, within a shaft. This slot serves as a receptacle for a key, which functions as a locking mechanism between the shaft and its mating part, be it a gear or a pulley. By employing the key, the shaft is securely fastened, preventing independent rotation and enabling efficient transmission of rotational force between the components.

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It is a preferred tool for machining small surface and Keyway Milling on site or in shop …

X Axis stroke : 300mm

Y Axis stroke (manual feed) : 100mm

Z Axis stroke (manual feed)​ : 80mm

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