SFM is ideal for pipe maintenance and construction work in pipelines, nuclear and fossil power plants , oil platforms, petrochemical plants and refineries, as well as shipbuilding, food, beverage and other high purity piping applications. 16 standard size machines are available to cut, bevel and counter bore pipe from 2 inch - 84 inch O.D. (60.3-2133.6mm) on all schedules and alloys.

Like all our split frame, clamshell style machines the SFM is designed to “split” in half to fit over inline pipe, or can be slipped closed over open ended pipe.

  • Non-standard machines are available according to customers' requirement.
  • Process capacity and model selection
    (pipe diameter >1000mm,Hydraulic or NC model are preferable)
  • Standard Model: Alloy steel with ionic nit riding treatment.
    The weight is a bit heavy, but sturdy and durable
  • Light Model: Aerospace grade aluminium alloy or Hollow-out Alloy steel. Light weight and suitable for high-altitude operation.
  • SFM technology, easy to install in pipeline.
  • SFM Out-mounted, clamping by multipoint jaws.
  • Varity of bevelling shape: “U”, “V”, “J”, double “V”, compound bevels.
  • Can process material: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel,super duplex stainless steel non-ferrous metal, engineering plastic and cast steel
  • Application: petroleum, chemical, natural gas, power supply construction, boiler and nuclear power.
  • Four types of driven motors: Electric, Pneumatic, Numerical Controller, and Hydraulic
  • Driven by pneumatic or hydraulic or electric motor, No-spark in the process of working, safe and reliable operational could be suitable for inflammable and dangerous working.
  • Power:0.5-2.5KW  Air Working Pressure:0.63-1.0Mpa Air Consuming Flux:1500-3500L/min
  • Standard power:220V  Rated power:1.43KW Rated Frequency:50-60Hz
  • Frame :

    The frame is separable in two ring halves to permit an easy assembly. Located on the frame are the seat of the grooved ball bearing for the rotating head, an adapter for the motor, a protective shield for the gear ring and clamping feet to clamp the machine.

  • Split Gear :

    The parting line of the Split Gear and the parting line of the frame has to be aligned before starting the disassembly. The rotating head is designed as a gear ring at its outer diameter and has a locating hole for the tool carriage.

  • Drive :

    The drive is fixed with the pinion on the frame. The drive and the drive flange with the gear are of rugged design to allow high reaction moments.

  • Grooved ball bearing :

    The rotating head runs on precision grooved ball bearings to reduce the axial and radial tolerance.

  • Tool carriage :

    The tool carriage has a seat for the working tools. The tool carriage is fixed on the rotating head and implies the feed spindle with gear and adjustable carriage guide block.

  • Clamping feet :

    The clamping feet are adjusted and fixed by grub screws at the outer diameter of the frame. On request different special clamping feet are available.

  • Split-Frame Technology for endless heavy wall steel pipe
  • Extremely low weight of the cold cutting machine for easy handling and lifting
  • Compact dimensions for use in areas with limited access
  • Quick and safe clamping and adjustment
  • Cold cutting equipment developed with „On-Site Know-How“
  • Perfect pipe cold cutter for machinery operations where cold cutting methods are often required

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