Ultra high-pressure waterjet cutting

Ultra high-pressure waterjet cutting

Cold Cutting, also known as hydro abrasive cutting, is a cutting process that involves using ultra-high-pressure water combined with an abrasive material to cut through metallic, cementitious, or composite materials. It offers a number of unique advantages compared to traditional mechanical cutting methods.

One key advantage of cold cutting is that it does not generate heat during the cutting process. This absence of heat means there is no distortion of the base material, ensuring the integrity of the cut and preserving the original shape of the workpiece. This is particularly beneficial when working with materials that are sensitive to heat or when precision cutting is required.

Another notable advantage of cold cutting is that it does not affect the metallurgical properties of the material being cut. The absence of heat-affected zones allows the base material to retain its original properties and structural integrity. This makes cold cutting an ideal choice for applications where preserving the material's characteristics is critical.

Furthermore, cold cutting produces no sparks, making it a safe method for use in volatile atmospheres or environments where sparks could pose a fire or explosion risk. This significantly reduces the potential hazards associated with cutting in such conditions.

In addition to cutting, cold cutting can be used for weld preparation. It enables simultaneous cutting and preparation of steel surfaces, making them ready to accept replacement steel or weld joints. This capability streamlines processes and saves time, making cold cutting a versatile solution for various industries and applications.

Overall, cold cutting with ultra-high-pressure water and abrasive material offers exceptional accuracy, heat-free operation, preservation of metallurgical properties, spark-free cutting, and efficient weld preparation. It is a reliable and advanced cutting method that ensures precise results while maintaining safety, making it a preferred choice for a wide range of cutting applications.

  • We have advanced design, manufacturing and onsite machinists team to perform any job at site.
  • We have developed numbers of fixture for the different cutting application.
  • Cutting Application designed for Heavy thickness plates, Pipes and concrete structure
  • Manhole for hydrocarbon tanks
  • Scraping of vessels, structures without spark
  • Heat dissipation affected material cut

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