Stud Removal


TCM308 Stud Removal Machine

The ODM308/ DOMI / MODI CNC Thread milling machine is a portable and high-precision CNC mill equipped with a Siemens CNC control system. This advanced system enables precise and consistent machining operations, making it ideal for tasks like removing broken studs and repairing damaged threads. With its reliable and accurate performance, the ODM308/ DOMI / MODI CNC Thread milling machine ensures efficient and effective results.

X Axis Stroke:150mm Y Axis Stroke:150mm Z Axis Stroke: 300mm


  • 3-axis CNC control capability to perform bolt extraction and thread refurbishment in a single set-up
  • High tolerance profile rails produce consistent results
  • All three axes utilise precision ground ball screws which provide precise movement of the mill head

Technical Data

X Axis Stroke 150mm (6.0″)
Y Axis Stroke 150mm (6.0″)
Z Axis Stroke 305mm (12.0″)
Milling Spindle Head Drive Unit Servo Motor
R.P.M 0-3000
Power 3.1Kw (4.3Hp)
CNC Control system Siemens
Machine Weight (less base unit) 220Kg
Shipping Weight 320Kg
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