Stud Removal


ODM508/ DOMI / MODI Stud Removal Machine

Introducing the ODM508/ DOMI / MODI CNC Thread milling machine—an exceptional and precise portable CNC mill. Engineered with a top-of-the-line Siemens CNC control system, this machine delivers unparalleled accuracy and consistency in machining operations. Its remarkable capabilities extend to on-site applications, including the removal of broken studs and the repair of damaged threads. With its high-precision performance and portable design, the ODM508/ DOMI / MODI CNC Thread milling machine empowers you to achieve accurate and repeatable machining results directly at your work site.

X Axis Stroke: 203mm Y Axis Stroke: 203mm Z Axis Stroke: 508mm


  • 3-axis CNC control capability to perform bolt extraction and thread refurbishment in a single set-up
  • High tolerance profile rails produce consistent results
  • All three axes utilise precision ground ball screws which provide precise movement of the mill head

Technical Data

X Axis Stroke 203mm (8.0″)
Y Axis Stroke 203mm (8.0″)
Z Axis Stroke 508mm (20.0″)
Milling Spindle Head Drive Unit Servo Motor
R.P.M 0-3000
Power 3.1Kw
CNC Control system Siemens
Machine Weight (less base unit) 260Kg
Shipping Weight 350Kg
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